May, 2020

Visit the Bridges Math Art gallery hosted at Aalto University (online due to Covid-19)

April, 2020

Speaking at the Parsons Product and Industrial Design alumni panel

January 2020

Keynote speaker at the Pune Design Festival awarding the Lexux Design Award India

October 2019

Article in the International Organization of Lace Bulletin. (article only in print)

October 2019

Presentation at the GVU Brown Bag talks at Georgia Tech

September 2019

Co-Chairing a panel at the Society for Social Studies of Science Annual eeting

Septemper 2019

Exhibiting in Hibiya, Tokyo Japan

August 2019

Exhibiting at Intersect by Lexus in Tokyo

August 2019

Presenting at the Association for Computers and the Humanities conference

April 2019

Featured on Core77 for Algorithmic Lace

April 2019

Featured on Cool Hunting for Algorithmic Lace

April 2019

Featured in Architectural Digest

April 2019

Named International Grand Prix for the Lexus Design Award

April 2019

Presenting and exhibiting at the Milan Salone on Algorithmic Lace as part of the Lexus Design Award

January 2019

Named a finalist for the Lexus Design Award

April 2018

Presenting in the Symposium on Decay, Maitenance and Repair at Georgia Tech

January 2018

Showing the Cada Series in Bangkok Design Week

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